A vision for Las Vegas with a focus on supporting small businesses, improving education, and addressing community in district 9.


Erica Neely's journey reflects resilience and determination. Despite facing challenges such as language barriers and a difficult educational environment, she has overcome obstacles and made significant contributions to her community.  Neely's professional journey exemplifies her versatility, dedication, and commitment to making a positive impact in various fields. Starting from her background in accounting and business, including property management and a CPA firm, Neely gained invaluable experience in financial management and strategic planning.  Transitioning to entrepreneurship as a small business owner, Neely demonstrated her entrepreneurial spirit and leadership skills.  Moreover, Neely's role as the director of a homeschool organization highlights her passion for education and community engagement. By leading and supporting homeschooling families for children outside the traditional school system.  Additionally, her involvement in fostering children and coaching soccer demonstrates her commitment to nurturing and supporting others.

Growing up in a traditional Latin Catholic household as a first-generation immigrant, Erica's background has undoubtedly influenced her values and perspective on life. Her experiences with language acquisition and education have given her firsthand knowledge of the importance of access to quality education and support systems for children.

Moving to Las Vegas in 2005 marked a new chapter in Erica's life, where she and her husband, Laurence, have become integral parts of their community. Their love story, beginning in Las Vegas fifteen years ago, adds a personal touch to their connection with the city and its people.

Through her various roles and experiences, Erica Neely exemplifies resilience, compassion, and a commitment to making a positive difference in the lives of others.



Together we can create a robust, resilient, and diversified Nevada economy. The need to diversify our revenue streams beyond tourism and gaming, exploring opportunities in technology, energy, and other developing industries. Las Vegas thrives when its local businesses thrive. By creating a conducive environment for entrepreneurship, we ensure economic resilience and job creation.

Together we can restore the advantages of our free market economy.  Neely has signed a pledge that she will not raised taxes.


Education is the foundation upon which our community's future is built. We are committed to enhancing educational opportunities for all, from early childhood education to adult learning programs. Recognizing the importance of empowering parents to make informed decisions about their children's education by protecting School Choice, parental rights, and public, private and homechool options.  By investing in our schools, teachers, and students, we pave the way for a skilled workforce and empowered individuals. 

Together we understand the critical role of public schools as the cornerstone of education for many families. Let's commit to strengthening public education in Nevada, ensuring that every child, regardless of their circumstances, has access to a robust and comprehensive education. By investing in public schools, enhance teacher training and support, and expand access to essential resources and programs.

Safe Communities

A strong community is built on collaboration and empathy. Together, we will proactively tackle pressing issues such as homelessness amd healthcare. 

Maintaining safe communities is very important to all of us.   We firmly stands behind our law enforcement agencies and first responders and for the essential resources they require to safeguard our neighborhoods effectively and responsibly. At the same time, we believes in accountability and transparency in the public sector and supports measures that help root out bad actors, ensuring our institutions uphold the highest standards of conduct. Furthermore, together we can  address and reject soft on crime (Assembly Bill 236 in 2019) policies that give criminals more rights than victims.  Together we can support and improve access to mental health services, substance abuse treatment, and meaningful educational and job opportunities for all Nevadans.


Neely places immense value on health freedom and individual choice, and she is committed to championing these principles for you in Carson City.

Understanding the essential role healthcare plays in the lives of Nevadans, together our priority is ensuring accessible, high-quality care for all our citizens. We advocate for policy that supports competition and innovation in healthcare, driving down costs while improving patient outcomes. 

Additionally, we believe in preserving the doctor-patient relationship, ensuring decisions about care are made by patients and their healthcare providers, not by distant bureaucrats.

Together in Carson City, let's champion our rights, strongly advocating for health freedom and individual choice because we believe they are fundamental to all Nevadans well-being.


Welcome to ERICA NEELY,  NEELY4NEVADA.COM, your best choice to represent Assembly District 09.

Vision Statement: Empowering Las Vegas District 9 for a Thriving Future

Mission: To foster a vibrant and inclusive community where small businesses flourish, education is a cornerstone of opportunity, and every voice is heard and valued.  Striving to make a positive impact on the future of Nevada. For the journey towards a better tomorrow, a better Nevada today.



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